This is a FTP server which runs on a PalmOS device. You can use it together with a FTP client on your desktop computer in order to transfer files to and from your device.

I wrote this because I find using this transfer method much more comfortable than other methods available on my LifeDrive --- it works on WiFi and you can use it with your favorite FTP client (while the network hotsync is too slow and is not versatile; other methods need a USB connection and either take too much time or have a UI which does not suit me). And when writing this program I had to transfer it there lots of times ;). However, it is slower than USB connection, so for transferring large files you should probably use DriveMode or whatever you like.

To start the server, you need to fill two fields shown on the screen --- port is the port that the server will listen on (21 is default for FTP), and user is the user who will be allowed to connect to the server (you need to specify the same user name in your FTP client). Then, press any one of the three buttons to run the server. You can stop the server by switching to another application, or by pressing a button again.

Mini FTP Daemon is released under GNU Public License. (Use at your own risk. Previous version sometimes mangled retrieved files, or caused the device into an endless loop of resets, but I think these issues have been fixed ;-)
Current version: 0.91

Version history

0.91: Fixed crashing on device reset.
Hosted at Sourceforge.
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Known issues

If you like this program, or you have an idea to make it more useful (and maybe you want to implement it yourself), please contact me at longuens *at* users.sourceforge.net.